Gulf News is doing a fantastic job when customers have complaints against banks and other sectors. I was holding a savings account with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) almost five years ago, but did not continue with it since 2010, due to my job instability.

Two days ago, when I called their customer service, I came to know my savings account had some charges overdue, because of non-maintenance of minimum balance. Until date, it amounts to Dh596, and they have advised me to visit any DIB branch for further details for closure of my savings account.

I went to DIB’s The Walk branch and requested to close my savings account, but they refused to do so, because of this Dh596 charge. DIB never notified me about this. I did not make any transactions through that account for almost five years. I requested them to waive the charges but they refused. I would like to seek help from Gulf News to kindly bring this issue to the attention of DIB management and to urge them to waive the charges and close my savings account permanently.

From Mr Abdul Nasar



The management of DIB responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank would like to confirm that our customer service team has been in touch with Mr Nasar to address his query. At DIB, we always aim to work closely with our customers to understand their circumstances and provide solutions that meet their individual needs.

In this case, we would like to clarify that even though Mr Nasar was aware of the charges in concern and was paying for them earlier, we agreed to waive the excess charges on this occasion due to his unique circumstances. We would also like to confirm that we closed his account as requested within three working days.

Since the issue has been successfully addressed, we now consider this case closed.


Mr Nasar responds:

Thank you Gulf News, for your help. I hereby confirmed that the issue was addressed by DIB and the savings account has been closed without any charges.


(Process initiation: March 23. Response from organisation: April 6. Reader confirmation: April 6.)


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