Germany to UAE
Chris Fritze cycled from Germany to the UAE to raise funds for underprivileged pupils Image Credit: Supplied

It has been a life dream to travel around the world since I was a teenager. It all started with a world map desk pad in my room at my parents’ house. Every day when I was doing my homework I scribbled imaginary lines into it trying to find out how to make it around the globe.

Over the years I started to do smaller bicycle trips myself to find out if it’s something for me or not. Over time, I was confident that if I can cycle for 1,000 kilometers then I can also travel the world.

Left everything behind

At 35 years old, at the beginning of 2019, I told family and friends about my plan and set myself a date to set off. I left my apartment, sold my car, TV, etc. I work as a IT business consultant, and I’m on unpaid vacation for a flexible amount of time now.

On June 30, 2019 I finally set off. The official start of this journey was in my hometown Flensburg, Germany at the tip of the harbour.

I have raised 376 euros (Dh 1,539) so far. My goal is to raise 3,000 euros (Dh 12,281) for the German Red Cross (DRK), which builds schools in the outskirts of Al Fasher in Darfur, Sudan in collaboration with the Sudan Red Crescent (SRCS). The money is meant to equip two classrooms with robust desks, chairs, blackboards, desks and chairs for the teachers as well as first aid kits. Each classroom provides space for approximately 30 pupils. The money goes straight to the German Red Cross and not through my bank account.

Donations can be done through a web link.

I’m always thinking and also saying that if I can find or meet 3,000 supportive people in the world during my trip and each of them is willing to donate a single euro then I can reach that goal. This one Euro will for sure have a positive impact on these pupils’ lives. That would be amazing! I’m also very grateful for every donation. Every amount is highly appreciated!

Journey so far

I went through so many emotional moments from pure happiness to pure frustration and exhaustion. I met so many incredible people along the way who invited me for food, drinks or even to their houses to stay there for the night or just spent some time with me. Strangers became friends within no time. I also spent so much time with myself that I feel I know myself better than ever before. So you never know what the next day has in store for you.

I’m planning to finish after I reach my hometown Flensburg at the tip of the harbour again. I told my mum that I’ll try to be back home for Christmas 2020. I’m not sure if I can do that since I still want to cycle across Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Africa. It’s my goal to cycle significant distances on each continent.

From Germany to the UAE

I came to UAE on January 13. I came to Sharjah by ferry from Bandar Abbas and then cycled to a friend’s place at The Palm Jumeirah where I am staying for a few days now. I’m really excited to explore it. I passed Burj Khalifa after sunset on my way to my friends place. It looks spectacular. I could see it already from far away from the ferry, which was incredible.

Plea for the people of the UAE

People along the way always told me that the people of UAE are very generous. So it would be amazing if there are a few people here who like my story and are willing to support this fundraiser.

— The reader is an IT business consultant based in Germany

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