Willow Image Credit: Supplied

Willow is only two years old, but he already has had a long journey of struggle behind him. He was found severely neglected and abandoned at the age of just four months on the streets of Dubai. One of his eyes was in such a bad state that it unfortunately couldn’t be saved. However, this small handicap is not hindering him from living his life to the fullest and with gusto.

Willow was lucky to be raised in a caring foster home for over a year, where he turned into an incredibly sweet-natured and affectionate cat that utterly loves his humans. Sadly, fate turned against Willow once more, as a change in his foster parents’ circumstances meant his home was no longer available to him.

Willow has since been moving from one foster home to another, which has begun to affect him deeply. Having been seriously attacked by other cats before, Willow is no longer comfortable with other felines, which has made his fostering situation in multi-cat households all the more difficult for him.

Willow, a formerly happy and gentle cat is now turning into a permanently scared one, who now appears to have begun to give up.

Willow is looking desperately for a loving forever home, where he is given time to recover and able to regain trust. He needs to be realistically an only cat, in a household with no small children, at least for now, and no other stress factors.

He is a beautiful fluffy boy, an Angro Mix. He is completely healthy, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

He can also be sponsored to be relocated to another country if the right home for him can be found. If you would like to adopt Willow, please get in touch at petsoftheuae@gmail.com.

— The reader is a member of the Middle East Animal Foundation based in Dubai.