I would appreciate Gulf News’ help in resolving my issues with National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD, which is now First Abu Dhabi Bank or FAB). When I moved to the UAE in 2016, I opened an account with FAB. In March 2017, I detected several unauthorised transactions on my credit card and reported its fraudulent use immediately to FAB. I blocked my credit card, as well as my account. I also submitted dispute forms for a total of 10 transactions. I was told it would take 45-60 days to investigate and resolve the matter. I called the FAB call centre several times to follow up on the status and was told two weeks ago that the matter would be closed within the week. This did not happen nor did I receive any update. Repeated calls to the hotline did not help. I filed a complaint with FAB and received a notification that the bank would get back to me within two days. That did not happen. I contacted them again, but got no response. I do not feel I am being taken seriously at all, as a customer.

From Mr Stefan Mittig

Abu Dhabi

The management of FAB responds:

Mr Mittig submitted a dispute claim on March 16, 2017 for unauthorised transactions in his account. Three transactions were already refunded to the account on March 16 and May 29, 2017. As confirmed by chargeback team, the cycle for the remaining cases was closed yesterday and we are reimbursing the customer before the end of this week. Mr Mittig has been contacted and informed.

Mr Mittig responds:

FAB finally reverted more payments at the beginning of August. I therefore consider the matter now closed. Thanks for Gulf News support!

(Process initiation: June 18. Response from organisation: July 23. Reader confirmation: August 12.)

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