The public has a love-hate relationship with the media when it comes to covering celebrities. On one hand, people are interested in seeing how celebrities live in their semi-fantasy world, but at the same time do not like it when celebrity gossip dominates the news instead of issues that matter. Do you think that celebrity news is informative, entertaining or simply a waste of time?

Publications push celebrity news to raise sales.

While it is acceptable to publish news related to celebrities, it should be clearly separated from the more socially relevant and important news that has more impact on peoples' lives. It is all right if celebrity news is published in separate sections, but newspapers should not use the front pages to publish such celebrity gossip.
– Edward Cornejo

Media publish news to boost sales and quite often the news is not true. They seem to care more about celebrity culture rather than hard-hitting news and indulge in yellow journalism because of that.
– Niya Yevgeniya

I really do not know the reason but everyone seems to love celebrity gossip. Even if such news pushes up sales, I do not agree with the idea of publishing everything related to celebrities. Some aspects of their lives, especially personal, should be left private.
– George Feliciano

Celebrities need publicity to maintain their status and newspapers use that to push their sales. I do not agree with getting too personal and involved with celebrity information though, because it encroaches on their personal space and often the gossip is not true.
– Fiona Kerley

People do not truly care about star gossip.

I do not think people really care about what happens to celebrities. Often they read celebrity news and gossip, not because they are particularly concerned about the individual, but as a mode of entertainment. It is more about passing time where people enjoy reading about the rich and famous.
– Jessica Oppentiuizen

I think people like talking about everybody, especially about celebrities. Even if they say that they do not really care or bother about celebrities, everybody is aware of the latest happenings in the lives of Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie and Jennifer Lopez.
– Paris Bangwar

Interest in celebrity gossip varies from person to person. Personally I am not interested in celebrity gossip, but I suppose everything a celebrity does is news, so for those who are interested in such issues, they should be able to access it.
– Youan Jodha

The primary reason behind the media publishing celebrity gossip is because people do respond to it. Personally, if such gossip magazines were lying on a table in front of me, I might read it, but I never make a voluntary attempt to follow up on celebrities. Also, I think people below the age group of 20 are more interested in such news.
– Sammy Jarkas

Readers prefer scandals about famous people as opposed to news.

People love to gossip and such stories attract teenagers and adults alike. They like to know more about celebrities, especially fans who love imitating the style of actors and singers. It's human nature to be curious and interested, especially when it comes to people who are beautiful, successful and famous.
– Maitha Bin Shoaib

It depends on the type of person reading the paper. If they naturally have a taste for gossip and such news, they do tend to go for it. Scandals and outrageous news attracts people and they are more likely to read it than news, which is straightforward and can get boring.
– Arif Toor

I personally do enjoy reading celebrity gossip. I think people love to meddle or become involved in one another's life. It's just easier to nose around the lives of celebrities than people you know, because they are famous public figures. I think a lot of readers find their glamorous lives very interesting and fun to read about.
– Mariam Hendasi

It depends on the personality of the readers. Younger people would like to read about gossip more than the older generation. Also, since the UAE has many foreign residents, I think they enjoy reading about celebrities back home. I enjoy news on political issues. Publications should cater to both audiences. As long as it is balanced, it's good.
– Monther Abu Swaireh

Obsession with stars is just an escape for people increasingly leading unhappy lives.

I don't think people are interested in celebrity lives just because their own isn't as exciting or glamorous. In fact, it is very common to listen to favourite singers or watch famous actors on TV or in theatres. Most people consider this a hobby and just a fun way to spend time.
– Imad Abbas

It's part of the materialism culture engulfing the world. The contradiction is in a place like UAE where for instance, you have people in traditional dresses carrying the same designer bag that Jennifer Lopez had yesterday. People look up to stars as role models and want to imitate everything they do or wear. Of course, poor people want to get away from reality through celebrities, but most know that their lives are not as wonderful as it seems.
– Nazeem Goolam
South Africa

I've found that more spiritual people don't tend to care about celebrity lives, whereas those who are more materialistic do. It's like they want to fill something that's empty deep inside them, by watching or reading about the happiness and glamour of stars.
– Gassan Salem

People imagine that celebrities are more attractive, rich and popular, so they try to create an illusion of a perfect life for them. Also, they then enjoy reading gossip about them because they revel to see these celebrities as fallible human beings. Personally, I think they have just as much grief, lack of peace or envy as any other ordinary human being.
– Brian Parks