Image Credit: Simran Vedvyas

Plants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to move, work or relax. Indoor plants also help health, well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Recent research has shown that indoor plants significantly improve a whole range of aspects of our indoor environment. The benefits cover a spectrum from cleaner air to direct beneficial effects on psychological health, task performance, illness reduction and productivity.

Many a time, when we want to renovate or refurbish our offices, homes or work places, especially in the construction sites and the temporary project office sites, it is a common practice to discard and abandon or sell old office belongings. Some of our youth members surveyed and found that with this practice, most of the belongings can be sold and bought through secondary markets, but very rarely do we find any buyers or takers for ‘old plants’.

We brainstormed and team SynergY came up with a highly innovative and creative idea. We recently participated in the project titled ‘Finding New Home for Indoor Plants’ and implemented it successfully.

Taking it as a challenge, this bright team, assisted by facilitating the finding of a new home for 50 indoor plants for a company that did not require them. These were accepted and are currently being taken care of at Al Salam Private School, based in Dubai.

The coordination required to transport plants from as far as Abu Dhabi to Dubai, went quite smoothly.

You may contact us at synergyouth@outlook.com if you have plants to donate or wish to adopt them.


The reader is based in Dubai.


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