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the Dubai Metro does not operate on Friday in the morning hours. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has probably assumed that very few people travel in the morning, since it’s a holiday.

However, merely on these grounds, stoping the Metro operations on Friday morning is entirely unjustified because many people work in hospitals, airports, hotels and emergency services and they are required to work on Fridays, too.

These travellers feel greatly disappointed and face tremendous issues when there is no Metro available on Friday morning, because buses and taxis cannot compete with the Metro in any way.

Additionally, Dubai is a fascinating place that receives hundreds of foreign visitors and tourists daily. They want to use the Metro irrespective of holidays or Fridays. A vast majority of them always prefer to travel on public transport, with the Metro being the most popular and comfortable journey.

A number of people travel on Fridays, too, and in case of a morning flight they need to reach the Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1 and 3 on time. They would also require the Metro since it is a very convenient and instant option. However, due to the absence of the Metro, these passengers would face numerous difficulties in reaching the airport.

At this time, when the RTA is going to celebrate the Metro’s fifth anniversary on September 9, it would be good news for daily commuters as well as passengers of morning flights to have the Metro operational from 10am onwards on Fridays.


The reader is based in Dubai.


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