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Social media users thought that it is time for housework to be divided equally between partners. Some discussed how upbringing can play a part on how people behave once they grow up.


Emaan Siddiqui

Sometimes it’s to do with culture and their upbringing. Some have grown up to believe that it’s a woman’s duty to do so. Things are changing now though.

Abdo Kallawy

Probably the same reason, in a way, women are failing to pitch in for hard labour, outdoor work (sewers, construction, garbage trucks etc.); they’re overly exhausted as a resource in these jobs the companies are hiring them for in bulk, they can’t have the luxury of applying for household work. Surely they’d prefer it over all that. I’ve seen male housekeepers, though I haven’t seen female construction workers and seriously doubt there’d ever be any. Why? Is it cultural? is it preference specific from the employee’s perspective or the employer’s? I’d honestly be more intrigued to hear about the latter.

Esraa Ahmed

It has to do with the man’s upbringing, society and culture, some are brought up in households where they help their mothers and sisters while others are brought up in homes where they’re treated like kings. But honestly it has gotten so much better now as women have become equal contributors in the society and men completely understand this.

Here's what some tweeps are saying:

@CarlaMGreen: We blame women for not doing housework or taking care of the kids and celebrate men for taking part of any of it.

@ElleHueyXIV: Many women work a job outside of the home and then come home and do housework as part of their unwinding from the other job...