The reader saw a man casually sitting on a ledge near a window right next to a sign that states: ‘Please do not sit here for your own safety.’ Image Credit: Courtesy: Nitin Kumar

Dubai: I am a regular user of the Dubai Metro and there are some issues that I come across on a daily basis, be it on the trains or at the stations, due to other passengers.

A few days ago, I had disembarked from the Metro and was walking towards the exit. As I approached the gates, where you scan your Nol card to exit, something caught my attention, which left me in an unpleasant mood.

I saw a man casually sitting on the window pane, right next to a sign that clearly stated: “Please do not sit here for your own safety.”

This is not the first time that I have come across such a sight. I always wonder why people do such things when they know it is not allowed and they should not be doing it. When the authorities have placed warning signs, why can’t people follow the rules?

There are a few other issues that I have noticed while travelling on the Metro. Many passengers do not give way to other commuters to exit the trains. They will stand close to the doors on the platform, waiting to board the train as soon as it stops. This is despite clear markings by the authorities on the platform that urge passengers to create queues on the sides of the doors, thus allowing commuters on board to disembark with ease.

Another common issue is of men sitting in the women and children’s section, but this has been controlled to a certain extent and is not as big an issue as before. I believe the fines on those breaking this rule has helped. I sometimes wished I could tell the man myself that what he is doing is wrong.

Some of my friends have also come across these issues while travelling on the Metro. When I discussed it with them, they also sounded upset that some people refused to follow the rules set by the authorities.

Esmail A, an accountant based in Dubai, is a regular commuter from the Al Ras Station to the Noor Islamic Bank Station. He has to change trains to reach his destination, as they are on two different lines.

He said: “The biggest complaint I have is that during the rush hour, the trains are packed and people waiting on the platforms do not bother to wait for people to exit. They just barge into the Metro. It shows lack of respect for other commuters. People should give right of way to those exiting first. But, it seems like a race!

“The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have posted signs that state that the commuters will disembark from the middle of the pathway and the embankment should be done from the left and right side, but people do not follow it during peak traffic time.”

Javed Khan, a salesman based in Dubai, has also witnessed similar issues. But, one thing that bothers him a lot is when people place big bags on the floor, blocking the exits.

He said: “There is a space available in the Metro where the big bags should be kept, but I have noticed that people keep bags on the floor, which leads to obstruction of the passageway at the time of embarking. I would request more signs to be installed in the Metro that clearly state the fines for not using the facilities the way they are intended to.”

The RTA is making constant efforts to make things easier for the public. The authorities have spent a lot to build facilities for our convenience. The Metro is one of the best modes of transport that the RTA runs for the benefit of people. Let us all use it in the best way possible.

We must take utmost care of the facilities. There are certain rules that have been framed for the betterment of all. As responsible residents, we are bound to follow these basic rules. There is no point in complaining after one gets a fine, especially when there is a clear notice not to do the said action.

We should not disrespect the services provided by the authorities.

— The reader is a sales coordinator based in Dubai.

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According to the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) official website:

■  Accessing or sitting in areas designated for specific categories, such as men entering the wom-en and children’s only cabin, will result in a fine of Dh100.

■  Using public transport and its facilities and services contrary to the authority’s instructions posted on signboards, will result in a fine of Dh200.

■  Causing inconvenience in any way to users of public transport and public facilities and services will result in a fine of Dh100.