People are welcome to donate new or used items still in good condition including clothes, toys, books and small appliances.

Currently 12 students at the Dubai Center for Special Needs (DCSN) are unable to afford tuition fees. Two students in the nursery section, for example, are progressing very well due to the specialised therapies and care they receive at DCSN. Both of these students were unable to speak when they first joined the centre two years ago and now, at the ages of eight and ten, they are learning to speak. Unfortunately, their sponsors are no longer able to support them and they are both in need of new sponsors.

That’s where The Charity Shop in Karama comes in. The Charity Shop offers new and gently used items ranging from toys to clothing and home appliances. Donations of new and gently used clothes, toys, books and small appliances are welcome to be brought directly to the Dubai Center for Special Needs. After being sorted at the Center, items are then sent to the Charity Shop in Karama. Proceeds from The Charity Shop in Karama are used for sponsorship of the students at the centre.

At the moment, however, DCSN is striving to upgrade the merchandise in its charity shop. By donating to our Charity Shop, you are giving students the opportunity to receive the specialised education and therapies they need and deserve in order to achieve goals such as speaking, walking, full time employment and independence.

Donations of new or gently used clothing, books, toys and small appliances can be brought to DCSN located next off of Sheikh Zayed Road. For further information contact Dubai Center for Special Needs by phone 04 344 0966 or email pr@dcsneeds.com

The DCSN is a charitable, non-profit institution that provides the highest standards of service in specialised education and therapy to 136 students with special needs. It is a caring environment, largely dependent on the generosity of the community for support.

- This reader works at DCSN in Dubai.

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