I read on Gulf News’ website about how the newspaper helped a customer address his issues with a bank and how the parties involved achieved a satisfactory solution. Now, I am experiencing the same problem, so I decided to get in touch with Gulf News for assistance.

I have been using a Mashreq Bank Smart Saver credit card since 2014. The bank has introduced a cashback policy towards purchases when using the credit card.

Recently, I called Mashreq’s customer service for the redemption of the cashback accumulated on my Smart Saver credit card, which amounted to approximately Dh1,331. But I was shocked to know that they have considered this cashback amount to be expired during this month, and the previous two months, and I can only redeem Dh117, which means a loss of nearly Dh1,214. It is very disappointing. The bank should have notified the client through at least an SMS or email. How can the cashback amount be expired and deducted from the customer without prior notice? I have the card issued by the bank and the cashback has an expiry date as it is genuine cash and not points that need to be used, before any change in arrangement with the service provider.

I request Gulf News to kindly take this issue to the concerned authorities and to help me get the amount reversed from my credit card’s accumulated balance.

From Mr Feras Al Nashef


The management of Mashreq responds:

Thank you for referring Mr Al Nashef’s concern to us for our investigation and feedback.

We have investigated his concern and the findings are below:

It is true that Mr Al Nashef had earned Cash Back basis his spends on smart saver card, which had expired due to non-redemption.

Our Cash Back benefit expires after 18 months from the date of earning if it is not redeemed by the customer. The expiry of Cash Back is explicitly communicated on our website under Terms and Conditions of the Smart Saver card, applicable to all our customers.

When Mr Al Nashef called our Call Centre for redemption of Cash Back, it was communicated to him correctly by the agent.

Mr Al Nashef is our valued customer and we regret any inconvenience caused to him.

We have contacted Mr Al Nashef and explained him the Terms and Conditions of Cash Back redemption in detail and resolved the concern. He is satisfied with our resolution.

I take this opportunity to thank Gulf News once again for bringing a customer issue to our notice.

Mr Al Nashef responds:

This is to confirm that Mashreq’s representative called and clarified to me the related bank policy and they were very generous enough to reverse the deducted amount to my card as a special case. Thank you Gulf News, for the kind efforts taken to address my case with Mashreq. Also, I thank Mashreq for their consideration and understanding.

(Process initiation: September 26. Response from organisation: September 26. Reader confirmation: September 28.)

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