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I have an eLife connection from etisalat since the past two years. Everything was working fine, but from last eight months, I have been facing the issues of my voice breaking when I speak on the land line phone, frequent disconnection and slow internet. I complained a number of times. They referred me to their technical resource department every time. The technicians visited my home within hours of complaining, which is very good. But then, they just played with the wires and fibre box and were understanding the issue by trail and error. After spending 15 to 30 minutes at home, they left, and asked me to check on the matter for the next few days and then complain again. Meanwhile, they told me to get a TV line and said my connection would be upgraded. I renewed it, but with no luck. Now, if I switch from etisalat to another provider, I would have to pay Dh2,000. In response to my new complaint, no one visited my home. Instead, they sent me a message stating my complaint was resolved. I would appreciate if Gulf News could help me fix the issue.

From Mr Jawwad Ahmad


The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly note that the customer’s issue was resolved. We have tried to contact the customer to get his confirmation since last week, but received no reply.

Mr Ahmad responds:

Thank you, Gulf News. They contacted me and visited my home and even tried to fix the issue — but after three days, no one checked back with me regarding how satisfied I am. My problem has not been resolved.

It’s still impossible to make or receive calls through Skype or Google Hangout, due to voice breaks and calls crashing. The second land line is better than the last one, but still, there is some white noise and the line disconnects if I talk for half an hour or more.

Regarding Skype, the line technician told me that etisalat does not support it and I receive the same response if I try to discuss this with customer services. Fortunately, in my last contact with etisalat, the manager accepted that maybe something is wrong with my connection and said they would fix it, but I have still not received a response.

Etisalat’s eLife no longer supports any voice chat. Please ask etisalat to do me the favour of cancelling my eLife connection, without my having to pay any more. I was told that in case of cancellation. I would have to pay Dh2,000 for the TV receiver and wireless phone they provided me with, which I have never used.

Etisalat responds:

With reference to the customer’s complaint related to the disconnection of VoIP applications (Skype, Viber, IMO) please note that VoIP applications are not supported by our offers and the customer was updated with the same. However, for regular voice calls, the land line is working properly and the customer confirmed the same.

(Process initiation: July 29. Response from organisation: August 9. Process completion: August 16.)

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