Take responsibility

Zamzam water is important for many Muslims and the pure form of it is only available in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The quality and purity of it will not be found elsewhere. I had planned to visit Makkah for Umrah, took unpaid leave from work, took a bus and travelled 24 hours while fasting, performed Umrah. After spending a lot of money and energy, I finally got the water, but after I took a flight home, Etihad Airways says it is now unable to find the bottle.

They easily washed their hands off the matter and there wasn’t even a single apology, despite my complaint. They ignore my emails and did not provide any support in the matter. For them, it was just water and not precious property, but for me, it was a very important item.

Regardless of what the belongings of the passenger are, if I hand over an item to the airline, they need to return it to me once I reach my destination.

From Mr Shaikh Mohammad Irfan

Abu Dhabi


An Etihad Airways spokesperson responds:

Etihad Airways strives to deliver the highest standards of customer service and on this occasion, we have failed to meet those standards. Despite a thorough investigation, we have regrettably not been able to locate the bottle. We have apologised to Mr Irfan for this unfortunate occurrence and offered him compensation, which we are pleased to say he has accepted.


(Process initiation: September 15. Response from organisation: October 10. Process completion: October 30.)