Old photo on Twitter
A Twitter user posted a throwback photo with his brother. Image Credit: Twitter/ Courtesy:@@Sf4411

Dubai: The FaceApp challenge that went viral across the world recently has started to lose momentum and in the GCC, the Twitterati have already created an alternative trend.

The FaceApp was a mobile application that transformed faces through various filters and features, which revealed how users would look like in 60 years. In almost an instant, the hashtag #FaceApp went viral and even celebrities jumped on the bandwagon as stars such as Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, and Canadian rapper Drake shared photos of their ‘future’ selves on Instagram and Twitter.

During the weekend, residents in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt started a new trend in jest that challenged residents to share photos of themselves when they were young children. And without the need to download any kind of app in the process.

By Sunday, the Arabic hastag post_your_younger_photo exploded across the region and became a viral topic and social media users were eager to share photos of their younger version.

What first commenced as tongue-in-cheek soon snowballed into a viral challenge across the GCC as Twitter users flooded the internet with baby videos and photos.

Meanwhile, others spiced things up by a bit comparing their pictures to ‘Then’ and ‘Now’, inciting a string of positive comments from the internet.