Wounds from a wire tied around her neck and a broken leg have left Amal in need of medical and financial assistance. Gulf News reader Montserrat Martin has urged the community to help. Image Credit: Montserrat Martin/Gulf News reader

Amal was a starved dog, running lost between deserted farm areas. A wire around her neck buried its way into her skin — it was the only method used to tie her somewhere ever since she was young.

She is now around a year old. She is covered with parasites.

Her teeth are in terrible condition — perhaps due to the combination of a poor diet and the daily effort of trying to break loose from the painful wire tied around her neck.

After trying to escape for so long, she finally managed to break loose and ran off. She was only able to stop when she tried to cross the road and got hit by a car. Her front leg was broken but healed by itself over time.

In Amal's rescue case, three groups were involved in order to give her a happy end: Al Rahma Society — Abu Dhabi, Lucky Vet Clinic and Friends of Animals. We are currently waiting for her complicated surgery to be done, wherein a titanium plate has to be inserted in her leg to support her weight. We are in urgent need of a foster or permanent family to show her that not all humans are bad.

Her capacity for forgiveness is so strong that once again, animals like her are able to extend a free lesson of trust and humanity.

We are under great financial need to cover her treatment costs so if you wish to contribute, please contact Friends of Animals on 050 7706711 for details.

— The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals, Dubai.

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