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Congrats on finding a new place! Now it’s time to plan ahead, so that your move is as easy and seamless as possible! Here are 19 tips on how to make your life super easy while moving.


Before your move:

1. Get rid of thigs you don’t need

First thing is first! Don’t waste precious space in your home by moving things you don’t use or need anymore. Start by selling or donating your extra items.

2. Strategize

Figure out your mode of transportation and book it as early as possible to avoid any delays. Whether you rent your own truck, or use a moving company, just make sure all is locked in.

3. Scout for boxes

If you’re tight on cash, head to supermarkets and furniture stores before they close and ask if you can have some of their leftover boxes.

4. Don’t grocery shop

Make sure you don’t buy any groceries for two weeks before you move in. You want your fridge to be as empty as possible before moving day

5. Buy a roll of ceramic wrap

Hold things together and protect your furniture from scratches by wrapping it in ceramic wrap a couple of days before your move.

6. Pack an overnight bag

Make sure you have one small bag full of all your essential items. Pyjamas, toothbrush, extra pair of underwear and a change of clothes, so that you don’t have to look through sealed up boxers for your things.

7. Photographic memory

Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.

8. Update your details

Make sure that your important documents are updated with your new address a week before you move.


Packing tips:

9. Use what you’ve got

Fill up anything that resembles the shape of a box. Whether those are suitcases, baskets and laundry hampers.

10. Essentials

Pack the most important items that you know you will need straight away in a specially labelled transparent box that you can identify right away.

11. Protect your breakables

Make sure you wrap any crockery or breakable pieces in blankets. Use your clean socks to cushion your cups and glasses. Put some cotton pads in your make up compacts to prevent your eyeshadow and blusher from creasing and breaking.

12. Spillage

In order to avoid shampoo and other liquid spillages, then you have to cover the openings of any bottles with ceramic wrap then put the covers back on.

13. Plates

Pack your plates vertically (the same way you would put books in a bookshelf) rather than stacked on top of each other to stop them from breaking.

14. Nails

Keep all your nails in small sandwich bags, so you don’t lose any of them. Label each bag with the name of the furniture the nails belong in.

15. Labels

Label everything! It makes your life very easy to know exactly which box will belong in which room right when you move into your new place.

Happy moving!