Healthy, good for the planet, and cost-effective, filtered water means the end of bottled water and disposable plastics. In this year of sustainability in the UAE, when the country will soon be hosting COP28 and taking bold steps to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, we can all do more to support this effort from the comfort of home at just a cost (Dh49 per month).

A healthy alternative

Dubai’s Waterclub filtration system ensures the purest water at the turn of a tap, removing chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, and pesticides. The filter system removes impurities and bacteria by removing rust from the pipes and sediment in the water tanks. It removes the taste and smell of these impurities. It also eliminates the microplastic absorption of plastic bottles, which studies continue to show has harmful effects on human health.

Better quality hydration means a better Ramadan

Studies have shown that drinking pure filtered water improves hydration levels. With Waterclub’s delicious-tasting water, you will also want to drink more than with the taste of your plastic bottled water, which is especially great news for Ramadan. With a neutral Ph balance of 7-7.5, the water is low acidity and, as such, excellent prevention of disease.

Planet friendly

As the UAE turns to a more sustainable future, water filtration systems offer a convenient, safe, and eco-friendly way to help the planet. Research from Waterclub shows that a family of four switching from bottled water prevents using 1,800 plastic bottles annually. Additionally, by ditching your weekly purchase of bottled water, you can save up to Dh5,000 in just two years, the under-sink filter costing just Dh49 per month. Find all our water filters for home or professional use and shower filters at www.waterclub.ae