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Well-known cosmetologist Dr Rola Al Shahadat has brought together some of the best doctors and specialists in the country to create Charisma.

With two branches, Jumeirah 3 in Dubai and Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi, the results speak for themselves. Whether you want to preserve your natural beauty or enhance it, Charisma has the solution for your needs. With plans to open more branches soon, Charisma has been able to help patients achieve amazing transformations.

Charisma offers an extensive range of skin and hair treatments, including facial injections. Charisma clinics always find a solution for patients’ skin and hair problems.

Dr Rola Al Shahadat

In a span of 10 years, Dr Rola has amassed huge fame and an extremely loyal clientele who always trust her work and judgment. Her reputation has enabled her to expand her business and launch a unique collection of creams for all skin problems. The newly launched perfume brand has also garnered popularity for its concept and packaging. Its perfumes are enriched with ingredients that enhance your confidence and attractiveness.

Charisma team comprises experienced doctors including Dr Ali Assaf, a specialist dermatologist who has invented the Face Up and Body Up techniques for natural lifting and contouring; and Dr Safa Waleed, who specialises in face, body and the area around the eyes. Another member of the team, Dr Ahmed is behind the perfect skin trend that has become very popular in Abu Dhabi.

Dr Rana is a master of Georgina lift that results in youthful and attractive look. Charisma also features celebrity skin specialists, Hala Mahfouz and Sara Khudier.

We trust science and believe in transparency; so you can trust us.

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