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Raiya Edith Dizer, Operations Director, Low Carb City Meal Plans, talks about the perks of adopting a low-carb lifestyle

Oh, the glitz, the glam, and oh, the glorious carbs! But let’s be real — balancing these indulgent delights with our jet-setting, skyscraper-hopping lifestyle? It’s like trying to parallel park a camel.

In our bustling, vibrant Dubai, a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t mean bidding a tearful “adios” to your favourite foods. It’s about swapping, not sacrificing. Picture this: fresh lettuce wraps stepping in for shawarma bread and a playful spaghetti squash twirling on your fork like a flamenco dancer instead of pasta. And the result? Not only a silhouette sleeker than the Burj Al Arab, but an energy boost more potent than a double espresso.

Now, let me share a secret. Going low carb doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a culinary straitjacket. It’s having a cheese omelette for breakfast instead of a bagel and opting for a side of grilled veggies at lunch instead of fries — it’s like playing ‘hide and seek’ with carbs. And with portion control as my secret weapon, I’m savouring flavours, feeling satisfied but never overly stuffed, like a suitcase the day before a trip.

Raiya Edith Dizer, Operations Director, Low Carb City Meal Plans

And darling, the perks don’t stop at the waistline. Imagine having an energy boost that lasts longer than a Dubai traffic jam. No more post-meal slump, just a vibrancy that keeps up with the rhythm of our city life faster than a pair of Louboutins at a sale.

Going low-carb is a little like striking gold in the wellness department. Reduced risk of chronic diseases? Improved mental clarity? All that minus the ‘lucky numbers’ rigmarole.

In the end, it’s not about missing out, but about enjoying our Dubai life with an extra spring in our step, less of the croissant baggage, and a radiant glow that outshines the city lights. And that, my friends, is the beautiful reality of going Breadless on the Burj.