Andrea Arenas

Andrea Arenas | Excellence in Media & Arts | Best Sound Engineer

Andrea belongs to a generation of outstanding musicians emerging from Venezuela’s El Sistema. She started playing percussion at the age of 10, participating in multiple tours with the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. She played with important conductors such as Gustavo Dudamel and Claudio Abbado in very important Halls around the world.

As an Electronics Engineering graduate, she developed her career as a sound engineer. Her professional experience ranges from working in recording productions with the Deutsche Grammophon with Gustavo Dudamel, as well as technical support of audio consoles for bands such as Maná, Vicente Fernández, and Ricky Martin.

Andrea has been a sound technician at various Cirque du Soleil shows such as At Sea, Luzia, Amaluna and Totem. Currently, she is part of the sound team of the No.1 show of Dubai, La Perle by Dragone.

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Ivlin Obeyt | Excellence in Media & Arts | Best Fashion Icon - Blogger

Ivlin George Obeyt is the owner of Evoshka Style, a fashion brand synonymous with luxury. She has been in the fashion industry for over two decades and has worked on more than 20 fashion shows around the world. She is a former pageant winner — elected Miss Syria in 1999 — and has been a model for many international brands.

Ivlin wears many hats including that of a wife, a mother of three daughters, a painter, an influencer/ blogger and a humanitarian. She has been an active member of the International Diplomatic Women’s Club for Charitable Activities for more than 16 years in the field of charitable works.

As a social influencer, on social networking sites, she covers topics in the field of fashion, cooking, makeup and everything related to women and has been an Instagram blogger for more than 8 years.

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Soha Chahine | Excellence in Wellness | Best Career & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Soha is a Career & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coach with focus on Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming, dedicated to working with individuals who wish to experience career success, personal growth, mindset transformation and emotional intelligence development.

With proven techniques and having spent over 10 years in Human Resources Management, she works to create radical transformation and career elevating change that quickly takes her clients to the next level.

In addition to her ICF Certifications, she holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management & Training. She is a certified Team Coach and EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) certified Practitioner, as well as CIPD, CHRMP, and 6 Sigma Green Belt certified.

She has been honoured with a recognition from the New York Journal as one of the top 30 Life Coaches and a recognition from PeopleHum as one of top 20 HR Leaders in the Middle East in 2021.

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Sreemanti Mangesh Gijare | Excellence in Wellness | Best Health Management Consultant

Sreemanti is a certified clinical hypnotherapist registered and attested by KHDA and recognised by dental and medical association of USA and Europe.

She was a Geophysicist by profession and graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, a premier institute of India. She worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years.

Sreemanti found her life’s true purpose in healing and hypnotherapy where she uses both subconscious and conscious level techniques to help her clients pulverise their blocks and be the best version of themselves. She has worked successfully on clients with issues including weight loss, cessation, smoking/drinking, phobias, allergies, diabetes, migraine, thyroid, chronic pains, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual pain, snoring, motion sickness, panic attacks, depression, cysts and stones.

Her company HealingWithSree is based in Dubai with clients in the US, UK, Sweden, Singapore, India, Australia and the UAE.

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Amaal Ghadieh | Excellence in Wellness | Best Master NLP Coach | Excellence in Media & Arts | Best Non-Fiction Author

Amaal Ghadieh is NLP Master practitioner, NLP Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Pranic psychotherapy healer and a published author. Her children’s book ‘Belly and the Wiseman’ teaches the underlying principles of nature and leads readers to understand empowerment, decision-making, and wisdom.

Amaal’s mission is to motivate children and adults to overcome mental challenges and develop their personality to a healthy and successful life.

Through her unwavering spirit and love for humankind, she successfully managed to run various programs for youngsters in postwar sovereign states. This has let her establish more than six children and youth centres for post-traumatic adolescents in war zones.

She did not stop there; she invests all her efforts to empower girls and boys with resources that truly enhance their skill sets. Apart from managing various programmes, she is also a makeover consultant and interior designer licensed by the American board.

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Sarmistha Mitra | BeingShe Excellence Awards Wellness Partner | The Wellbeing Sanctuary

Sarmistha Mitra is a Mental Health Coach, Wellness Advisor, CEO & Founder of The Wellbeing Sanctuary. Her services range from one-on-one coaching sessions, past life regression therapy, inner child therapy, ancestral healing, adolescence counseling, anger management etc.

Through her lifelong research and experience, she developed a Holistic Approach called DecodeYou (Depth Psychology) which is a worldview, concept and method to delve into the Inner worlds of the human psyche where true healing lies. A journey recommended for every individual to decode the unconscious, and know themselves and eventually change the course of their destiny.

What makes her approach special is her own personal journey. Thirty-three years of soul searching and getting herself equipped in the most professional manner has allowed her to find the answers to her own sufferings and evolve through it. Sarmistha says, “For everything happens for a reason, finding that reason and making peace with it is important. Otherwise, we will continue to suffer”.

Sarmistha has helped hundreds of thousands of people (online and offline) transform themselves from crisis to wholeness. Her vision is to reach out to a higher number of population, train them to better living through mindfulness and other necessary skills, guiding them in holistic living & unblocking their life towards achieving their highest potential.

Her wellbeing center offers seminars on mental health and wellness, awareness talks, wellness retreats, workshops and training on self-evolution and empowerment.

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Amna Al Haddad | Influential Woman of Excellence

Amna Al Haddad is an internationally recognised inspirational figure, keynote speaker, sports personality, writer, and mental health advocate from the UAE. She is the first Emirati female athlete to have been immortalised with a wax figure in Dubai’s Madame Tussauds Museum. In 2016, she became the first Emirati woman to be awarded the Rosalynn Carter Journalism Fellowship for Mental Health. Her inspirational story led her to work closely with Nike, which resulted in the creation of the Nike Pro Hijab which she helped design.

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Alanoud Al Hashmi | Influential Woman of Excellence

Alanoud Al Hashmi, is the CEO of The Futurist Company and recipient of the Top 10 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Revamping the Future for 2021. Her company works on problems for which the world is not yet prepared by integrating their solutions into the initiatives of different entities of the world's governments and policy makers. With 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial projects, Al Hashmi describes herself as a challenger by birth, who has always loved to explore new untapped grounds.