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Sabrina Sitz

Excellence in Media & Arts | Best Makeup Master Coach - Vanitis

Sabrina Sitz believes beauty is a basic need, whether it’s a baby seeing something beautiful, a woman looking at herself happily in the mirror, or a man having a beautiful encounter. Everything and everyone strives for beauty, it is in our nature, she says.

“My inner and outer beauty has always been very important to me. Like most people, I discovered my love for makeup as a teenager. I quickly realised that I am very creative and experimental when it comes to styling and that it is very important that the products you apply are skin-friendly and ethically correct,” says Sabrina.

She says her way of passing on her knowledge is always something very personal, which is why she prefers to coach and teach small, private groups with a lot of practice. This extraordinary coaching and training method, quickly caught many eyes, making her one of the best makeup coaches.

For Sabrina, the products she uses are very important. With the make-up label ‘Vanitis’ she combines the ethically correct and sustainable attitude with highly pigmented vegan products. Sabrina’s success is a combination of make-up know-how, professional products and her ability to underline natural beauty.