Flores Isler

Excellence in Business | Best Author and Luxury Perfume Brand

Flores Isler describes herself as a simple person with big dreams. She was born and raised in the Philippines and it was her dream ever since to create a difference for herself and with others. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Science in Business Administration and started pursuing her dreams here in UAE.

She is a mother of three, balancing a career and married life. Her work experience is extensive from Secretary/Document Controller she was given a break on her career when she became a Management Representative and Internal Auditor. She also works as Material Librarian and QAQC Coordinator, but she maintained her vision in achieving her life purpose.

Flores Isler has always loved to read which motivated her to pursue a writing career early in her life. She authored more than thirty published romance pocketbooks and a few horror/thriller stories under the pseudonym of Kathleen Guiller. She then became an advocate of self-empowerment which she considers as her life purpose, so she shifted to writing inspirational books.

Flores is also a freelance writer in an International Magazine writing about Mental Health and Life Balance. Her passion to spread self empowerment awareness encouraged her to create another self-empowerment tool that will help change people’s lives, so she produced her own perfume brand Flores Isler for both luxury and mid-luxury and made every scent convey a self-empowerment story that will continuously remind a person of what he or she wants to be.