Aquaguard is one of UAE’s leading water purification equipment trading companies launched in 2010. Customer service and environment protection is our priority hence our filters are made from 100 per cent coconut shell carbon.

Aquaguard is based on trust and technological leadership through supplying quality products and service. Our wide range of solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial water purification includes reverse osmosis system, numerous water filtration system, UV filtration system, UV sterilisation, water softener, fine sediment removal, fine media and specialty cartridges, silver nano technology and other products and accessories.

Brands that we deal with

The company provides a range of comprehensive filtration solutions from brands such as Forbes, Kent and Livpure while emphasising the quality and reliability.

Drink to your health…

We offer variety in under the sink/wall mount/table top options. The purification system is known as E-Boiling, this method uses UV light to kill germs and bacteria. And 99.99% of harmful organisms present in the water are destroyed. A small lamp inside he purifier emits small UV waves, that destroy the bacteria and viruses present in the water. We have more than 5k satisfied consumers across the UAE and are growing every day.

Kent RO water purifiers for home and offices comes with latest technologies and unique advantages such as Multiple Purification Process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control, UV LED in storage tank to keep water pure, and best quality certifications and awards. The compact and efficient design of the water purifier makes it easier to fit it under the sink, maintaining the beautiful look of your kitchen.

All our water purifiers can be easily attached to tap or other dispensers as well. One of our filter uses silver nanoparticles that are highly toxic towards microorganisms and work as good antimicrobial agents. The nanoparticles prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that contaminate the water. Livpure Neon comes with the RO 2000 TDS Membrane that is equipped to purify water from any source like tap, underground water or tanker water. The high quality membrane is suitable to use for water having TDS as high as 2000.

Stop hairfall

Torayvino and Forbes Shower filters has large number of holes with smaller diameter than any of the shower filters to enjoy a shower of gentle water flow yet with plenty of water volume because of the silky touch water flow, those who have atopic dermatitis and allergies can feel comfortable to use this product. You can switch to tap water when cleaning the bathtub and shower room, to pure water when washing hair and body. Forbes shower head connects with any shower fitting.

It is the only shower filter with formulated KDF media cartridge. It removes 95 per cent of chlorine contained in water and other organic compound and heavy metals. Multi-layer filter to make filtration more effective to stop hair fall, relief from allergies/asthma.