A rendering of the Batman: Knight Flight ride. Image Credit: Supplied

Come face to face with Batman and his super villains when you take a trip down to Gotham City this summer at the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi indoor theme park.

New details unveiled about the Yas Island project indicate that DC fans will be able to hitch a ride aboard the Batmobile and challenge the Caped Crusader’s archenemies, including The Joker, The Riddler, Scarecrow, Catwoman and Harley Quinn through interactive rides.

The immersive land within the theme park has four rides, including a robotically controlled flying vehicle in Batman: Knight Flight. On this ride, guests will be recruited as test pilots for a simulator flight experience through the Batcave.

The Scarecrow Scare Raid is another flight experience that is expected to take people through interactive adventures, including aerobatics and barrel rolls.

Other attractions in Gotham City include a rollercoaster called The Riddler Revolution, followed by The Joker’s Funhouse, a villainous twist on the classic carnival walkthrough experience, including a hall of mirrors, a shrinking corridor and more.

Aside from the attractions, themed restaurants and memorabilia shops will also find place in Gotham City, inspired by the characters in DC’s comic books and movies.

Last month, the park unveiled its land of Metropolis, home to Superman in the comics.

Once opened, the theme park will be divided into six immersive lands, which include Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch and Warner Bros Plaza.

It is being touted as the world’s largest indoor theme park and will house 29 rides in total.

An opening date for the theme park has yet to be announced.