Image Credit: Gymnation

Let’s take it back to 2017. A typical gym membership in the UAE costs Dh400+ a month and you need to sign up to a 12-month contract.

To make matters worse, the only option is to pay upfront for the whole year in one big payment. That’s an initial payment of over Dh4,800!

In fact, joining a gym in the UAE was so expensive that in a report released at the time by Deutsche Bank, Dubai was ranked as the 2nd most expensive city in the world to buy a gym membership.

Image Credit: Gymnation

This had to stop. Residents in the UAE had been overcharged for sub-standard gym facilities for far too long. So, we decided to put “Fitness First… Not Profits First” and developed a low-cost gym brand that catered to what people really need. GymNation was born, and it was time to make health and fitness affordable and accessible for everyone in the UAE.

Being a GymNation member doesn’t just mean you save money. It also means you have access to world-class, state-of-the-art gym facilities that provide everyone in the UAE with the opportunity to reach their health and fitness goals – no matter what they are.

Even though we offer gym memberships at one third of what other UAE gyms do, we definitely do not compromise on quality. We just cut out the frills so that we can provide everyone in the UAE with an affordable and flexible gym membership.

We do things differently. From our “viral” marketing videos and our never-ending supply of fancy dress characters visiting the gym, to our awesome member parties and even being crowned “The Best Gym in the UAE” by 51 per cent of over 70,000 votes on Virgin Radio’s The Kris Fade Show. Everything about GymNation is unique. We have made GymNation a welcoming place for everyone, from first-time gym users through to the most dedicated of athletes. In fact, over 30 per cent of all GymNation members had never been to a gym or taken part in a fitness class before joining GymNation, so what are you waiting for?

We look forward to seeing you at the “Best Gym in the UAE!”

GymNation locations are the largest gym facilities in the UAE. Ranging from 25,000 square feet to 50,000+ sq ft in size, and each one offers the following:

* 24/7/365 access. We never close!

* 500+ pieces of state-of-the-art Matrix cardio and weights equipment.

* 200+ free of charge, live, instructor led, fitness classes per month (Including Les Mills, Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, JumpNation, BollyNation and more).

* Thousands of virtual, on-demand classes that you can take part in any time of the day.

* Free member parking.

* Ladies-only facilities and classes.

* 20+ fully-qualified, world-class personal trainers.

* Instagrammable friendly changing rooms including GHD Hair Straighteners.

* Our BLITZ HIIT workout focussed boutique fitness studio.