Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has a wide array of smart applications that make everyday transactions of driving, parking and using public transport easier by digitising all services offered. One-time registration on any app or through the RTA web portal is all that is required to access all apps with the same credentials.

1. RTA Dubai


RTA Dubai is one of the flagship smartphone apps by the Dubai government aimed at making access and use of every service by RTA a breeze. The application covers all aspects of using public transport services and roads.

1. Personalised dashboard

2. Emergency links and weather reports for safe driving

3. Parking services – payments, profile views, parking spot reminders

4. Fines – Inquiry and Payment

5. nol card balance, payment and past transactions

6. Salik – Balance inquiry and top up

7. Taxi booking

8. Practice theory test for Dubai RTA Theory test

9. RTA services for the disabled

10. Innovation Corner – Articles of innovation for reading and sharing

11. Madinati service – For reporting RTA violations or defects in services

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2. Smart Salik

Mamzar toll gate

1. Salik Tag Activation – create a new Salik account and register your vehicle

2. Violation Management – create a dispute against a violation you have incurred.

3. View and download your Salik Account Statements 

4. Add a vehicle to your existing account
and add ones to the same

5. Top up your account through ePay via your mobile phone

6. Recharge your Salik account using a Salik recharge card or e-voucher

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3. Smart Drive

RTA Smart Drive is a route planning and navigation application that requires no internet connection. A multi-lingual interface is just one of its features.

1. Realistic map view

2. Live traffic feed allows you to choose courses avoiding traffic, accidents and road-blocks

3. Location of all RTA public transport stops such as metro, tram, bus and marine stations

4. Parking Zones

5. Store personal routes

6. Speed limit alerts while driving

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4. Drivers and Vehicles

Aimed at drivers in Dubai, this app enables access to any information required while driving in the Emirate.

1. mStore – offers the ability to access a digital version of your valid driver’s license, vehicle registration cards and distinguished plate number certificates at anytime

2. mChat – allows you to contact the RTA customer service agents through instant messaging at anytime

3. Green points system – offers the ability to gather green points with every mobile transaction you perform

4. Request for a Dubai plate number

5. Apply for lost or damaged driver’s license replacement

6. Apply for the renewal of the vehicle registration, vehicle registration card or a change of plate number

7. Apply for a Vehicle Ownership Certificate

8. Inquire about or pay for traffic fines

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5. Smart Parking

Parking meters at Deira fish market

Parking in Dubai can be a pain at times and this app aims to make it easier through various features including alerts, e-payment services and other notifications 

1. Free parking alerts for public holidays

2. Pay tariff through credit card payments

3. Automatic identification of zone code

4. Pay parking via SMS or credit card within the app

5. Unoccupied parking space alerts at RTA's multi-storey parking sites and the Dubai Mall

6. No service fees for tickets purchased from SMART Parking App using a parking account

7. In-app notifications including ticket expiry and other relevant information

8. View parking ticket transactions and top-up history

9. Locate and automatically fetch zone codes

10. Give feedback and report a technical problem

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