Image Credit: GN Archives

Mug cakes are the easiest desserts to make and take not more than 5 minutes to prepare (and eat). We had a cake mix packet in our desk and decided that this life-saving guide had to go online.

Here are our five favourite flavours using generic cake mix and the simplest ingredients.

1. Vanilla with sprinkles

This is the super-easy one we made at work and as you can see it turned out amazing. All you need to do is mix ready-made vanilla cake mix (three-five tablespoons) with some milk and sprinkles. Ensure that the mixed batter is only filling up half of the mug you are cooking in. Pop this in the microwave on high for one and a half to two minutes on high. Keep an eye on things and you’ll see the cake rising after around a minute. Once done let it cool for 30 seconds or so, add a dollop of cream or ice cream with more sprinkles.

Tip: Lightly touch the top of the cake and if your finger comes away with wet batter, it’s not done. However, don’t let it get too dry. The top layer should be moist.

2. Chocolate and ice cream

This recipe also uses generic chocolate cake mix (we used the super-moist cake mix) and milk. Mix it together to make thick batter – we liked it a little lumpy. Pop it into the microwave and once done, scoop some ice cream on top and dig in.

Tip: You can add water to the batter if you want to avoid milk or add equal parts of both.

3. Chocolate lava, berries and icing sugar

The base for this rich and indulgent option is the same as the simple chocolate one. Mix the batter with a little milk. Break up a chocolate bar or use semi-sweet chocolate chips and drop them in the batter. Microwave for just a minute and keep checking every ten seconds so that the cake does not get too dry. Cut up some berries and decorate the top of the cake, finishing off with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

Tip: In some recipes, a tablespoon of water is added to the cup right before putting it in the microwave (no stirring afterwards), which helps keep the cake moist and molten centre gooey.

4. Red velvet and cream

Get some red-velvet generic cake mix (super-moist works great) and mix in quarter cup of milk, a teaspoon of oil and some water. Mix well and once smooth, bake in the microwave for a minute. Keep checking to avoid overcooking or burning your piece of heaven in a mug. Once done, let it cool on the counter as you get out some heavy whipping cream to complete the cake.

Tip: Using a little oil can make the cake moist.

5. Chocolate-chip cookies and cream

Everything we love in a mug– you will need generic chocolate cake mix, normal cookies or sandwich cookies, semi-sweet chocolate chips and ice-cream. Stir in the cake mix with milk and/or water, roughly crushed cookies and a quarter cup of chocolate chips. Add enough milk or water to ensure that the batter is not too dry. Bake away for 90 seconds, checking occasionally. Once, done, decorate with ice cream, crushed cookies and some chocolate sauce.

Tip: Make this one first, especially when you are in dire need of comfort food.