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Saving money is an essential part to living a good life in the UAE. While it’s easy to tell people to put a third of their salary aside, most people find that difficult to do so. So let’s be realistic: How can you save money on things that you already do? If you can't kick your habits, at least save while you're doing them. 

Mani-Pedis? Morning coffees? Dinners with friends? All things that you can save on, and still enjoy. 

Here are 5 apps that you can use to save money, yet still do what you want to do without cutting back on the fun.

1. Groupon

Save on literally thousands of things, just by signing up. And the best part is, it’s free! Live your best life in Dubai on a budget. You can almost everything on Groupon. Pool days, salon trips… even home cleaning services. We particularly like the dinner deals on there.

Download here on Apple and Google Play Store

2. Nearbuy

Nearbuy is a very useful app that uses your location to show you discounts in of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi malls. It’s a pretty personalised app, that allows you to choose what brands you want and what deals you are interested in seeing.

Download here on Apple and Google Play Store

3. Beam

This app is one of the more popular online wallets. It’s currently available in the UAE. Can be used at over 3,000 stores here. Use beam at petrol stations or cinemas. It’s free to download and use. Once you gather up points, you can redeem them at any of the participating stores. That means you save money on things that you normally buy!

Download here on Apple and Google Play Store

4. The Entertainer

We, over here at Guides, are huge fans of the Entertainer. Huge savings for the whole entire year. Their app allows you to enjoy a 'buy one get one free' concept at all of their participating restaurants, hair salons, bars and general entertainment venues. And the list of participating venues is huge! It requires a little bit of investment. There’s an early bird special where you can get the Entertainer Dubai along with another product (Cheers or Body or Fitness) for Dh395.

Download here on Apple and Google Play Store

5. Pricena

Another popular service, Pricena allows users to compare prices in the UAE for thousands of products from 500 product categories and more than 50 online stores. Pricena — Arabic for “our price” — claims it has enough data to be able to show you the cheapest deals every time. You can also set the app to alert you when prices drop for a particular product. The service keeps track of historical prices from all retailers and claims it is smart enough to see through fake discounts. 

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