Paulomi Bhatt, founder of World At her Feet Image Credit: Supplied

What made you introduce ‘The World At her Feet’ in the UAE?

Most women love to travel, but aren’t comfortable with the thought of travelling alone. Whether single, married, divorced or widowed, they want to explore new countries. To support such women, I decided to set up the travel agency, The World at Her Feet, in 2012.

How many women travel with on a single trip?

Each tour registers a group of eight to 12 travellers.

Is there a minimum and maximum age to travel with the group?

One needs to be at least 18 years old but there’s no maximum age limit. We encourage women to be moderately fit to be able to participate in the itineraries.

What about the destinations....?

We do not repeat a destination unless by popular demand. Some places that are bucket list destinations include China, Japan, Iceland and Russia. We are heading to Russia this September. We will be visiting Moscow and St Petersburg. Registrations are currently underway.

How can people get in touch with the agency?

We have a comprehensive listing of the upcoming tours on our website: www.theworldatherfeet.com. Everything from women safety in a new country to the do’s and don’ts are mentioned. Our Instagram handle @theworldatherfeet also has information about our upcoming tours.