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Your weekend or holidays need not be a frenzy of parties, shopping and meeting friends. You could take this time to stay in and unwind. It can be your mini-vacation, for mind and body.

1. Start early

Yes, we know that the best part of the holidays is sleeping in, but on one of your off days, try this out. Wake up around 7 and take your time to make a cup of coffee and some breakfast, or if you don’t drink coffee, make yourself a tasty breakfast smoothie instead. It is great to have the luxury of not rushing while you have your breakfast. It will make your day go so much smoother and happier.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage now. These downloadable audio files can be from subjects ranging from geography and literature to crimes series and comedy.  To get you started, try these – Serial (real-life crime stories investigated), Comedy Bang Bang (comic interviews with celebrity comedians), Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin (Interviews with artists, policy makers and performers), Millennial  (how to manoeuvre your life in your 20s) among others. Hook it up to your speakers and listen while you cook, eat or rest.

3. TV series and Movies

This is obviously the best time to binge watch all your favourite shows. Stream old movies and catch up on new ones. Read our guide on 12 shows to binge watch and find ones you may not have started yet.

4. Reading

If we could spend all our time in bed or on a comfy couch with a good book or three, we would. Take advantage of the holidays to catch up on your reading or start afresh on a new book. Reading is a great habit to have and if you feel you are losing it due to your busy schedule or that you need to read more, this is the perfect time to get back on track.

5. DIY projects

Take up DIY projects from YouTube or such other source. Make yourself new phone cases, a nice lamp shade, gift cards, photo frames or a vanity mirror. If lights and connections interest you, what better time to tinker with some new innovative projects than now?

6. Cooking or learning to cook

Many of us would love having a personal gourmet chef at home but life is such. Knowing how to cook at least what you personally love to eat is a great skill. If you know how to, create a three-course meal for yourself and your family. If you don’t, try making one dish a day, a dish you love to eat.

7. Cleaning and organizing

The last thing on your mind this Thursday is cleaning – we understand. But one day of cleaning would clear many days not just this holiday week but also for the month. Read our guide on how to prepare your home for Eid or any holiday with eight simple steps.

8. Donate things or your time

Find the resolve to stop hoarding and get your unused items such as clothes, headphones, books and electronic items out. You can either discard them safely, or donate them to someone in need, whether it is a friend or through donation boxes kept in the city. This guide is about celebrating holidays at home, but we also suggest taking a few hours out to spend volunteering at a charity of your choice. Plan this well in advance.

9. Get to know your neighbours

The guy you smile at when you go out to throw the garbage, or the nice lady who helped carry your shopping – get to know the people you live with. You don’t need to get creepy and wait outside for them as that would land you in serious trouble. If you do get to see any of them on your way around, introduce yourself and make a new friend.

10. Exercise

You deserve your rest but holidays do not necessarily mean that you should stop exercising until they’re over or that you shouldn’t start a new routine. Find one hour every other day for some in-house exercise or even a 30-minute walk outside. Dance, walk, run or hit the gym – it will help you feel fresher and energetic when the holidays are done.

11. Catch up with friends and family

You do not need to go out and spoil this amazing peaceful time at home. Use video calls and phone calls to catch with friends whom you have been meaning to talk to for months. Call up your relatives and let them know you haven’t forgotten them.

12. Order tasty takeaway

Order something nice for a quiet meal at home. For your lazy days, ordering takeaway is a great option but mix it up. Most restaurants may have a holiday special promotion.

13. Sleep

Sleep in and sleep early. Catch up on your rest and don’t stay up late unless you know you are going to sleep in the next day. Take afternoon naps and enough rest to work out the tension of the weeks gone by.