Dubai: UAE residents buy and sell approximately 1.5 million items a year on Dubizzle, an online classifieds platform in the region. According to data provided by the company, nearly 13,000 items ranging from second-hand cars to mobile phones and kitchen appliances are uploaded by people every day. These include many bizarre items as the list under amply illustrates:


1. Pokémon go Account Level 22 for Dh15,000

Hunting down Pokémon Go creatures? Well it won’t be a hassle if you’re willing to shell out Dh15,000 for this particular account. The seller claims to have crossed level 22, and is looking to cash in on all the effort that he has put in by selling his/her account.


2. Bulletproof SUV for Dh1,000

A Dubai resident is looking to sell a fully bulletproof Land Cruiser 2011 model for only Dh1,000. It’s unclear if this is a typo on the seller’s part, but one thing is for sure: the ad has piqued the curiosity of quite a few.


3. Woman’s Wardrobe contents worth Dh400,000 for free

A husband uploaded a picture of his wife’s closet contents on the site hoping to give away goods worth Dh400,000 for free. He posted, “Free to any home. All bought by me for a woman who prefers the company of another man.”


4. Frog figurine for Dh3.6 million

A small frog figurine said to be made of gold was uploaded by an Indian expat who wants to sell the “lucky mascot” for Dh3.6 million. The man claims his he bought the frog in 2007, before which time his monthly income was just about Dh1,500. Today that is what he spends daily.


5. Time travel machine for Dh100,000

This one is likely to catch the fancy of all Back to the Future fans. The seller claims this ‘flux capacitor’, consisting of a box with three small, flashing incandescent lamps arranged as a ‘Y’, is an original piece that was used in the celebrated movie Back to the Future. For those who haven’t seen the much talked about film, the device allows the user to “travel through time” while in a car.


6. Vintage Volkswagen for a security deposit of Dh3,500

A Sharjah resident is willing to part ways with a vintage Volkswagen, provided the buyer “maintains it the same way” as the seller has. The car will be given for free against a security deposit of Dh3,500. It is not clear how the seller would keep track of the maintenance though.


7. “No More Lies” for undisclosed amount

Not a product, but a much-needed service, “No More Lies” is being offered under the community services tab on the website. The description along with a random picture of a falcon reads: “If you want to know where your husband or son goe, now you can know that in a minute”. Looks like this service is inspired by the award-winning novel, The Maltese Falcon.


8. Baby Pacifier for Dh3,500

Looking to buy a new pacifier for your little one? This Dh3,500 golden coloured pacifier may do the job well. For your information, you can pick up the same pacifier from Amazon for $10 (Dh36.70 approximately), including delivery.


9. Amphibious limousine for Dh15 million

A dual function 10-metre long limousine was advertised with a price tag of Dh15 million some months back. According to the description, the 12-seater limousine, besides its road use, could sail on water as well as transport yachts.


10. Korea’s Map for Dh3,000

A vintage map of Korea after the Korean War can be yours if you’re willing to part with Dh3,000. According to the seller, a cartographer said the map is worth anywhere between $800-$1,500. (Dh3,000-Dh5,500 approximately)


11. 1967 mustang Eleanor for Dh400

If you’re a sports car fan this item may have been on your radar for some time. A miniature replica of the 1967 Mustang Eleanor die-cast model is available for just Dh400. The seller claims to have never opened the original box.


12. Selena Gomez toe nails for Dh1,000

A UAE resident claims to have got his hands on Selena Gomez’ toe nails. The description reads: “Cut off while she was coming out of a hotel”. Not sure if this is a joke, but the seller claims the toe nail is in perfect condition “inside and out”.