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Everyone’s favourite ‘90s sitcom, each and every episode of Friends is available on the platform. That’s 84 hours of Chandler’s witty one-liners, Phoebe’s kookiness and Ross and Rachel’s rollercoaster love affair. Recently voted as the best sitcom of all time by US media company Ranker, now we can relish in nostalgia in all its glory.


The son of a Middle Eastern dictator, Barry Al-Fayeed fled his turbulent family life in the country of Abuddin when he was just 16, and is now happily married with two kids in the US. However when he reluctantly returns to his home country for his nephew’s wedding, he’s pulled into a political crisis when his father dies during a revolution.

Law & Order True Crime

When the Menendez brothers were tried on national TV for the murder of their parents in Beverly Hills, the story became a national obsession. This drama revisits the crime that shocked the US – the trials for which spanned from 1993 to 1996 – and delves into the key players, the media circus and the shocking truth of what really happened behind closed doors.


This award-winning anthology series follows all-new "true" crime cases and enjoys the same trademark humor as the original Coen Brothers’ film. Season 3 stars Ewan McGregor and explores a twisted sibling rivalry that leads to murder, mobsters and cut-throat competitive bridge in a small Minnesotan town.


The popular British television drama set in 1814, Taboo tells the story of James Delaney (Tom Hardy) who, believed to be long dead, returns home to London from Africa to inherit what’s left of his father’s shipping empire. However with both the government and his biggest competitor willing to do anything to keep the funds from him, Delaney finds himself encircled by conspiracy, murder and betrayal.


This brand new show is a much-watch for lovers of historical dramas – the brainchild of actor-turned-executive producer Jeremy Renner. Set in the early 14th century, Knightfall follows the story of the Knights Templar – the Christian warriors who protected a famed historical artefact and will keep the most diehard fans on the edge of their seats.


Season 5 of this famed historical drama recently aired on STARZ PLAY, bringing with it new alliances and betrayals as various factions fight to dominate the world. Inspired by the sagas of notorious Danish Viking Ragnar Lathbrok, follow him as he rises to fame by successful raids into England before eventually being crowned a Scandinavian king.


Part night club owner, part kingpin of the underworld, James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick is big news on the New York social scene. However when his dodgy business with elite clientele starts to hinder his attempts to turn his legitimate business into a wide-ranging empire, will he look to change his ways or will he delve even further into the dark?


Chronicling the battle between powerful New York figures US attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund kingpin Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod, Billions explores Wall Street corruption and the lengths attorneys will go to expose it. With a star-studded cast – Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti are leading – the insider-trading scandal is bought to the forefront.


Starz play's newest show is a British historical drama which recently debuted. The nine-part show tells the story of the Roman invasion of Britain as three tribes – the Druids, the Celts and the Romans – all battle for control of the country. Set in 43 AD, expect plenty of swords, slaughter and sorcery.