Dr Sara Elliott Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: With summer here and temperatures fast approaching the 40s, we have noticed that a large number of pets suffer because of uninformed owners. Fashionable, short-nosed pets in the country, such as Bulldogs, Pekingese and Pug breeds and Persian and British Shorthair cats are particularly of concern.

The rise in the number of short-nosed breeds in this hot country is phenomenal and sadly we fully expect to see a large number of this type of dogs and cats being carried into our hospitals by their frantic owners after suffering exposure to the elements.

Many airlines, such as Emirates, which has a fantastic record with transporting animals, refuse to relocate short-nosed breeds between May and September, such is the vulnerability of the animals, so people must take note and realise the seriousness of the summer heat.

Below are 10 tips to keep animals safe during the UAE summer:

1. Don’t let your pet walk on any surface you cannot put your palm on for more than 15 seconds

2. Never leave pets in a parked car in the heat

3. Don’t leave pets unattended at home for more than eight hours

4. Ensure your maid or house help is trained and briefed when looking after your animals

5. Limit exercise times to evenings and mornings and only walk them once their long coats are trimmed

6. Don’t rely on a fan – pets do not sweat like us, so fans can have little effect

7. Provide ample shade and water when outside

8. Prepare for power issues by having a back-up house to take your pet to in case of emergencies

9. Consider effective gadgets such as cool mats and jackets

10. Close door flaps to the garden which can jam due to the heat

- The author is director of veterinary services at the Brtisih Veterinary Hospital, Dubai