We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/
funniest/craziest/smartest ... We devote this page to them.

This week, Gassan Haffar is the head of marketing and business development, Integrated Business Technologies, Dubai, lists ...

Waiting before the flight
The check-in time, which is usually three hours before departure, seems like eternity. You suddenly seem to have too much time and don't know what to do with it.

Discomfort in transit areas
The few who are lucky sleep on chairs while others stand about in the transit area, groggy, almost on the verge of collapse.

Waiting in winding queues
There are queues everywhere. What's worse is a long wait in a queue behind a passenger only to discover that that he is clutching 10 passports - his entire family's check-in!

Many airports don't offer good communication facilities for travellers I wonder why there is no wireless internet at many airports, especially when it's so cheap to implement such a service nowadays.

In the dark
sometimes, in case there is a delay in a flight taking off, no airport staff seem to be available for information!

Baggage rules
It's almost unfair - business class passengers are allowed to carry more luggage than economy class travellers even though the former sometimes don't even have too much luggage!

Long walks
Long walks to boarding gates can be painful at times, particularly after duty free shopping sprees. As for ladies, if they happen to be wearing high heels well, they've had it!

In most big cities, airports are located several kilometres from the city centre. So you spend exhausting hours on the road before embarking on the real journey.

Unforeseen delays or losses
Your eyes are glued to the conveyor belt to spot the familiar bags but they don't turn up. Upon enquiring, you're told your baggage was booked on another plane.

Minor issues that irritate the most
I hate to see adverts on LCD screens that are meant to display arrival and departure flight information, especially when I am late and trying to find the right check-in desk counter.