We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/
funniest/ craziest/smartest ... We devote this page to them.

This week, Esperança D is a Dubai-based corporate communications manager, lists ...

Missed a deadline: You've just remembered you've to type in a few more pages on your thesis, which is due tomorrow and need to get cracking.

At the wrong place: You've just realised you've RSVP'd to the wrong party. Your inner social butterfly is quite disgusted that this party is brimming with lacklustre, socially challenged beings.

Bite off more than you can chew: You've chipped a tooth on some inedibly tough hors d'oeuvre and now need to rush to the dentist (feign painful grimace and glare accusingly at the host/hostess).

Airport pick-up: You forgot about having to pick up a pesky relative from the airport and you're already an hour late.

Blog commitments: You've overheard something remarkably scandalous from one of the guests and must rush back to post it on your blog.

Double-booked dilemma: You just realised you've double-booked yourself - you got to rush to another party
to just show your face.

Out to bid: An item for auction on your EBay watch list will be ending soon and you're all primed to out-bid everyone.

Lost that support: Your fastener has come undone and the rest of your outfit is in danger of imminent collapse and you cannot risk any wardrobe malfunction.

The meds are kicking in: Your psychiatrist just called to inform you he accidentally prescribed wrong medication for you, now you need to hightail it back to the clinic to get the proper medication.

Out of sight: You've lost your contact lenses and are temporarily visually impaired. "Accidentally" break/spill something to lend credence to this excuse.