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Dubai’s DJ Bliss talks ‘Crazy’ single

The music video featuring Dominican rapper Melymel was shot around the UAE

Image Credit: Supplied
DJ Bliss

The UAE’s very own DJ Bliss, born Marwan Al Awadhi, is back with a new single and music video — a cheeky club tune titled Crazy, featuring Dominican rapper Melymel. The 35-year-old told Gulf News tabloid! about his evolution from radio jockey to multi-faceted artist, and why he finally feels like he’s found his sound.

What’s the vibe you were going for on Crazy?

A mix of a few different genres — Arabic and reggae, Latin, hip hop and electro vibes. Hip hop is redirecting itself in all the latest hits to accommodate traditional sounds from the Arab and African nations.

You mentioned you wanted to have an Arabic touch, how did you feel you accomplished that?

We incorporated a lot of traditional sounds of Arabian pipers, drums and clap and oud.

Do you think Arabic beats/melodies have a place in EDM?

Arabic and EDM music work very well together. Music has become so fluid these days and it’s all about incorporating different sounds. I’m excited to put my own twist on this combination because these are sounds I grew up around so it feels natural to produce mixes merged with Arabic sounds.

You said you found your sound with this one. How would you describe that sound, and how did you get there?

My sound involves a hip hop bpm (beats per minute). Crazy’s tempo makes it different to my other tracks I have released, because I know this is a track that will work well for nightlife as well.

Does the song have a connection to Dubai?

Yes, as an Emirati this song comes from the heart of Dubai. It was filmed in Dubai featuring all Dubai’s hottest DJs and of course we had to showcase the high life in this city. We used Dubai’s desert scenes, traditional dancers, four wheel cars and some of the best nightlife the world has to offer. We also wanted to show the more real aspects of what life in Dubai is like amongst all the charm — that real friendships still thrive. We are like everyone else around the world; when a good song comes on we dance and have a good time.

How did your collaboration with Melymel come about, and what did she bring to the track?

I met Melymel through Prince Q, who produced my last couple of records and co-produced Crazy with me. Melymel comes from the Dominican Republic so she added that Latin/Caribbean flavour, which works well with the Arab sounds. She is sensational in her own rights in the Dominican — she acts, sings and raps and she loves Dubai so it worked out perfectly.

How do you feel you’ve you evolved as a DJ since you were first starting out?

I went from doing radio, TV, DJing and now I’m vlogging. Keeping up with what’s going in entertainment, means I have to be multi-faceted. When I first started out, I was tied down to a variety of different standards and expectations and now, I’m at the point where I’m able to set my own criteria and constantly push myself for more.

Where can people see you perform your sets around the UAE?

I’ve got residency at Boa — you can catch me there every Friday.