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The Beauty Beat: Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa manicure review

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Image Credit: Supplied

Imagine getting a manicure in your (very rich) friend’s fancy villa. That’s exactly what it felt like when I tried out the manicure and pedicure at Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Jumeirah.

It’s a converted villa right on Jumeirah Beach Road and passing by it you wouldn’t know how deliciously luxurious it is inside. The interiors are upscale and warm, with ample lighting and dark furniture. It’s unlike any other salon I’ve been to before, in that it’s not clinical-looking and cold. There are even windows (in some areas) that let in natural light and let you gaze at cars soundlessly passing by outside. It’s a calming atmosphere, and it really helps that it feels like home.

For the pedicure, my feet are submerged in a soothing, bubbling jacuzzi bath, while my hands are prepped for the manicure by placing them in a moisturising glove. When it’s time to take care of the nails, the tips of the gloves are plucked off and the rest of the lotion-filled glove stays on. I really enjoy the glove technique as my parched hands get time to soak in the lotion while the nails get filed and treated.

After the foot soak, my feet are also put in a hydrating glove (or sock?) while the toenails are taken care of. Yes to more hydration. (Also, those hydrating gloves along with the basic manicure come with no extra charge. Bonus!)

The nail therapists are gentle with their tools and keep checking in with me to make sure I’m alright. What I really enjoyed was that they took their time and made sure every step of the manicure/pedicure was done well. Even the mini hand and foot massage that comes before the polish seemed luxuriously long.

After the mani-pedi, I was left with perfectly polished nails and hydrated skin. Granted, the final result is not extremely different from what you would get at your regular nail salon, but the quality of service is what sets Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa apart.

The basic manicure is Dh95, and the pedicure is Dh105. The salon, known for the ‘Method’ haircut created by founder Rossano Ferretti, offers various grooming services.