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Tammin Sursok talks beauty in Dubai

‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress is the brand ambassador for make-up brand Zero Makeup

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Tammin Sursok

Pakistani make-up brand Zero Makeup has a unique and unexpected Australian connection in the form of actress Tammin Sursok.

The Home and Away and Pretty Little Liars star, 34, tells Gulf News tabloid! how she became the face of make-up artist Nabila’s new brand.

How did this collaboration come about?

A mutual friend brought us together. I’ve been looking to partner with a company that I believe in, that’s ethical, that doesn’t test on animals, that has really good ingredients in the products. I met Nabila, and Nabila met me and the rest is history.

How does this brand appeal to you as a busy mum and actress?

The fact that I can get out in five minutes [using the palette] is just incredible. That’s the whole point of this palette, is to do your whole face to make it look good and get out without stress. That really spoke to me.

Have you always been interested in make-up?

I love make-up. But as I get older I want less of it. I’m happier with myself, funnily enough. I have more lines and more wrinkles but I feel happier with myself. It’s funny, I saw a picture of myself when I was 14 I was really thin and I think my body is better now, having hips and I breast fed by child and I have smile lines and it’s hard to accept that, but I’m happier now so I want less make-up.

Often beauty brands choose the youngest model possible to be their representative. What do you think of that?

You need to speak to all different types of women. I get very frustrated when I see the billboards and like there are 22-year-old women, which I get, but then how many women in the world are 22? For me I think we need to broaden what beauty looks like. We need to broaden how we feel about ourselves.

This brand ambassador role is a jump from acting. How has that been?

[Zero Makeup] is part of my life, but so is making movies, making TV shows, so is my husband and daughter. I do love this. But I want our production company to go really well. I want to direct, I want to write more movies, I want to be in more films and also get that message of what beauty looks like out there.

Check it out

Zero Makeup is priced at Dh180 is available until January 13 at Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall, and on