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Ten basic principles I learnt from my maths teacher

Fatima Suhail, a UAE-based marketing graduate shares her list of 10 basic principles she learnt from her maths teacher

Fatima Suhail
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Always believe and have faith in yourself.

1. If you can’t convince others, confuse them. Just like my maths teacher used to do by showing how to solve the same problem a million ways in the same lesson.

2. Every problem in life has a solution. But maths problems are always an exception.

3. Practice makes a man perfect – but definitely not a woman.

4. One should never be afraid of failures in life, even if this means getting a low – or no – score on a maths exam.

5. My teacher strongly believed in the saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, so she gave us never-ending homework and problems to solve, meaning I was even doing calculations in my sleep.

6. Nothing in this world is perfect. I fully agree with this, because my teacher would never believe a student could get every question right. She had to find faults and, unfortunately, she always won.

7. There is no quick-fix in life. I know this because every problem we were given to solve at home took ages to complete.

8. Always believe and have faith in yourself. We’d tell the maths teacher she was wrong to make us work so hard, but she had the confidence to never listen.

9. Aim for the sky. But when we made paper aeroplanes with our maths homework, they always plunged to the ground.

10. Never be a follower, always be a leader. That’s why I almost failed my maths exam. I shouldn’t have copied my friend on the next desk, who had the wrong answers.