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How to skip crossover style

You can skip like a girl or you can skip like a champion fighter – crossover style, which requires good coordination and a lot of practice. Ari Basti, co-founder of Dubai Fighting Championship, shows us how it’s done.

  • Skip crossover style
    How to skip crossover style - (left) step one and (right) step two.Image Credit: Dennis B. Mallari/ANM
  • Skip crossover style
    How to skip crossover style - (left) step three and (right) step four.Image Credit: Dennis B. Mallari/ANM

1. Choose a rope that’s quite light – they’re better for the tricky stuff. Stand with your feet close together and practise the movement by swinging the rope from side to side in a figure of eight motion. Your shoulders should be involved in the movement and you should flick your wrists.

2. Start skipping normally, preferably to dance music as it helps you keep a rhythm.

3. As you bring the rope over your head, cross your right hand over your left (or vice versa, but stick to the same combination – it’s easier), and brush your elbows together when crossing arms to help ensure you have a big enough loop to get your body through.

4. Bring your arms back to your sides as the loop comes over. At first, do crossovers once every second or third jump. Then, as you get better, try them with each jump. Practise lots. Skipping is not only a great cardiovascular exercise, it also helps with coordination, which is why boxers use it as part of their training routine.

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