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Film review: Kamath and Kamath

Despite the presence of Mammootty and Dileep, ‘Kamath and Kamath,’ fails to deliver and disappoints

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Starring two great actors, Mammootty and Dileep, ‘Kamath and Kamath’ comes with great expectations, but the film fails to deliver and disappoints viewers. Brothers Raja Raja Kamath and Deva Raja Kamath run a chain of restaurants dealing in vegetarian fare, their speciality being a variety of dosas.

Trouble begins when they take over Sri Krishna Vilasom, an old restaurant in Palakkad that has been shut down by a scheming municipal councillor so as to protect the interests of a biriyani stall owner.

As expected, the Kamath brothers transform it into a roaring business. Thus begins director Thomson’s predictable ride.

For thrills on this journey, he has comedy in the form of Suraj Venjiramoodu to begin with. Then he adds a sprinkling of Konkani flavoured conversations indulged in by the Kamath brothers for more humour, or so the director believes. Enroute he shares a tragic love story and brings in villains for action and blood-shed. And he tops it off with a cameo appearance by ‘Kolaveri’ star Dhanush, who plays himself. Yet, at the end of the ride, this cocktail does not give you a high.

There is nothing new or interesting in this tale. Mammootty and Dileep end up as mere caricatures of themselves while Karthiga Nair as Rekha talks little and frowns more. Rima Kallingal in the role of a municipal aecretary looks elegant and delivers what is expected of her. Suraj Venjiramoodu’s comedy doesn’t work anymore. The only saving grace in this story is Baburaj as the driver of the Kamath brothers and he excels in the comic scenes. M. Jeyachandran’s music does little to lift this story either. Produced by Anto Joseph, ‘Kamath and Kamath,’ is based on a script by Udaya Krishna and Sibi K. Thomas. Camera work is by Anil Nair.