Dive into QASIMI’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection Image Credit: Instagram @qasimi_official

London-based brand QASIMI often crosses cultural boundaries, merging several through intimate garments that tell a story. QASIMI’s sleek and minimalistic designs reflect its founder’s Middle Eastern heritage with a contemporary outlook.

London Fashion Week welcomes designers this month to showcase their Spring/Summer collections. Starting from June 9-12, we have seen an array of designers level up in terms of sustainability and diversity.

Presenting on the first day of London Fashion Week, QASIMI welcomed guests into the capital’s Somerset House and filled open-plan rooms with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Creative Director Hoor Al Qasimi touched on the current conflict in North Africa, mourning troubling times across Sudan.

QASIMI's Spring/Summer 2024 collection paid homage to the captivating artwork of Sudanese artist Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq, seamlessly integrating her expressive creations into the brand's modern silhouettes. The collection unfolded in two distinct phases, each showcasing the artistic fusion in its own unique way.

In the "beading and transparency" phase, QASIMI presented sheer tops adorned with cube-shaped beads meticulously arranged to form modernist portraits. These striking pieces stood alongside a range of garments including silk shirting, jumpsuits, and scarves, each embellished with monogram versions of Ishaq's mesmerizing 2016 Composition paintings. The combination of delicate beadwork and translucent fabrics created an ethereal aesthetic that captivated the eye.

Transitioning into the second phase, the collection showcased the brand's expertise in contemporary workwear through the use of technical denim. The denim pieces featured faded edges, exuding an authentic and lived-in appearance. The garments effortlessly embraced modern silhouettes, exuding a sense of functionality and practicality. To add a touch of enthusiasm and sophistication, metallic ornaments delicately dangled from formal looks, elevating the overall appeal of the collection.

QASIMI's Spring/Summer 2024 collection not only celebrated the talent of Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq but also demonstrated the brand's ability to blend artistry with contemporary fashion. By integrating Ishaq's artwork into their designs, QASIMI transformed garments into expressive canvases, showcasing the harmonious marriage of creativity and style.

With its intricate beadwork, sheer fabrics, and monogrammed motifs, the collection became a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new realms of design. The infusion of technical denim further solidified QASIMI's mastery in creating garments that seamlessly bridge functionality and fashion-forward aesthetics.

QASIMI's thought-provoking collection served as a reminder of the transformative power of fashion and its ability to inspire change and raise awareness of important global issues. QASIMI's commitment to cultural diversity and social consciousness has solidified its place as a leading brand.