Image Credit: Kurator

Milan Fashion Week has burst onto the scene with a resounding Italian flair, featuring renowned brands such as Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Diesel, and more. The spring/summer collections are reintroducing beloved fashion elements like biker jackets, low-waist cuts, monochrome styles, and vibrant color palettes from oranges to pinks and blues.

1) Fendi

Fendi, graced by a front row filled with fashion’s most honored including Kate Moss and Christina Ricci, made its mark on the runway. Artistic Designer Kim Jones sought inspiration in the ancient ruins of Rome for his SS24 collection. The architectural marvels of Rome manifested in the collection's meticulously structured silhouettes, harmonizing with soft tones of grey and icy blue, complemented by vibrant bursts of burnt orange. Fendi is on a journey of reinvention, with Jones exploring fresh horizons beyond the early 2000s aesthetics. Picture slip dresses paired with cardigans, understated animal prints, patchwork leather, and an array of many fresh innovative styles.

2) Roberto Cavalli

The Paradise Collection, a creation by designer Fausto Puglisi for Roberto Cavalli, embodies a "triangulation of opposites." The collection features sheer pink trench coats, airy and chic scarves, ombre cargo pants, intricate fringing, and crochet details. You'll find printed leather jeans and reversible kimonos that effortlessly transition between feathers and polka dots. It's a fabulous fusion of the wild and the elegant, all in one collection.

3) Diesel

An outdoor showcase marred by heavy Italian rain, Diesel's Spring/Summer 2024 presentation wowed over 5,000 attendees. Belgian designer Glenn Martens allowed the public to partake in Diesel's magic through a ticket raffle. The 73-look SS24 collection pushed boundaries with its signature shredded denim aesthetics. Senjan Jansen's pulsating soundscapes transformed the event into a rave-like spectacle.

Models strode confidently through the rain in bleached T-shirts paired with distressed grey bottoms, artfully revealing hints of skin beneath sheer underpinnings. Discolored anoraks, knitted tank tops with white splotches, and deconstructed V-neck dresses exhibited Martens' creative prowess. Action-packed graphic tees, spray-painted silver ensembles, and fiery leather pieces with the iconic "D" emblem dazzled the audience. The collection concluded with resplendent golden costumes, featuring plastic-like tops, skirts, and bodycon dresses that elegantly embraced the natural human form.

4) Etro

Marco De Vincenzo takes Etro on a vibrant journey, delving into the brand's heritage and Milanese origins to craft a Spring/Summer 2024 men's collection steeped in vivid hues and tactile sensations. The wellspring of inspiration emerged from his Sicilian hometown, Messina, where a fortuitous encounter with Cesare Ripa's seventeenth-century masterpiece, Iconology, brimming with allegorical depictions of virtues, qualities, and vices, fuelled his creativity. Tapestries, cleverly interwoven, graced the closing ensembles, ranging from capes to hoodies, their designs concealed within masterful weaving techniques. Coats, seemingly leather-clad but actually coated, resembled PVC, concealing allegorical messages within. The collection featured blazers, bermudas, jumpsuits, cozy sweaters, and football jerseys, alongside sparkling shirts and cardigans infused with Etro's signature motifs.