Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The UAE has again been named one of the most preferred destinations for expats in a new survey that polled more than 27,500 migrant workers worldwide, ahead of popular places like the United States and Hong Kong.

In the latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey, the UAE climbed two places to secure the tenth position, edging out Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Now in its tenth year, the study is considered one of the world’s largest and longest running research into expat life, asking thousands of professionals about their experience abroad.

Overall, Singapore took the crown as the best place to live and work, with Norway, New Zealand, Germany and Netherlands rounding up the top five.

The UAE earned the most votes in the economics category, with high scores for salary growth, disposable income, savings, career progression and entrepreneurship.

“Expats living in the UAE are rewarded for their hard work,” the report says. “[The country] attracts a wide range of people keen to live and work away from home.”

There are more expatriates in the country (56 per cent) than in any other destination in the world who said they moved to the UAE to improve their earnings, and the survey results indicate that they have achieved that goal.

According to HSBC’s data, expats in the UAE take home more money than many of their peers elsewhere, earning an average of $127,000 annually, higher than the global average of $100,000.

“Indeed, income was a key factor for many in making the decision to move to the UAE, as  more than half moved there to improve their earnings,” the report adds.

“Since 2016, there has been a 10 percentage point uplift in the number of expats who say earnings potential here is better than in their home country.”

In the experience category, the country with about 10 million residents won the highest ratings for safety, finance and healthcare.

It also attracted positive feedback in the family category, scoring the most in the area of childcare quality, as well as quality of life and tolerance.

More than half (55 per cent) of expats in the UAE said their work-life balance is better than it was at home, with two-thirds (62 per cent) saying their quality of life in the country has improved.

As for families, 66 per cent of parents said their children have enjoyed a better life since moving to the UAE, making the country the 13th best pace for children’s quality of life.