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Dubai: A fever here or a sore throat there is common. With a lot of us eating out and working long hours we often ignore that pesky running nose or headache resulting in more severe sickness like a fever or worse. Incorporate these easy steps into your routine to stay healthy.

Sanitise to save

While most of us are not in the habit of using a sanitiser, think again. A sanitiser can save you from not only the germs collected on your hands but also help you avoid spreading them.

We use our hands all day where they collect all sorts of germs. Keep a small sanitiser at your work desk or in your handbag and use as often as you like. If you don’t prefer the strong fragrance that some of them have, use something mild, but keep it handy to stay germ free. Washing your hands often is also a simple and quick way to stay healthy too. Just keep at it.

Stick to greens

You need to give your body the ammo to protect itself, so eat plenty of greens and salads which will keep you energised and fit. This will also help to boost your immune system and keep sickness at bay.

Temperature control

During the day we move from a cool office atmosphere to a sudden jolt of heat back and forth when we step out. This is bad for our bodies. Our air-conditioned offices, although comfortable, isn’t always the most sanitary; here the same impure air is circulated through the place.

Even during bed time, make sure not to freeze the room, let your room temperature be comfortable enough where you don’t wake up with a cold. At the office, use a jacket or shawl if temperatures are too cold and get some much needed Vitamin D while stepping out for a few minutes to allow your body to balance out the temperature.

Clean tongue clean body

While most of us may brush our teeth vigorously and floss with great gusto, our oral hygiene is still incomplete without a good tongue clean. Use a tongue cleaner and gently clean it after your meals or whenever you brush your teeth. Our tongue is mostly exposed to the elements and may attract germs and food residue being a breeding ground for germs which make their way into our bodies making us fall ill.

Vitamins and supplements

Many of us develop a Vitamin D deficiency while here in the UAE due to the lack of sun exposure as we are cooped up in our offices all day. A great way to provide our bodies with the vitamins it needs is to use multivitamins and other simple essentials. However, one must understand they don’t work miracles and it’s not going to help take them after you have fallen sick already.

A steady dose through the season is a good option. If you’re serious about finding out what your body needs, do a simple blood test and ask your doctor which vitamins are best suited for you. You could also go to any pharmacy and get a dose of multivitamin tablets or even flavoured powders of citrus Vitamin C that taste delicious.

Add a bit of warmth

A great routine to follow is to have something warm like milk, soup or even water before bedtime to soothe your throat and rid it of any impurities or germs. If possible repeat the same the first thing in the morning. Add a dash of honey or lemon for taste. You don’t always have to have scorching hot drinks that burn your tongue, something warm and comfortable at the end of the day will help soothe your throat and keep the sniffles at bay.

Exercise or meditate before sleep

While we all know a good night’s sleep and an exercise regime is essential for sound physical and mental health, a smart way is to combine the two. Before bedtime instead of indulging in junk binge eating or watching reruns on your laptop, drop by the gym (all our apartment buildings are equipped with one) for a brisk walk on the treadmill, this will not only help release the day’s stress but make you physically tired which will help for a good night’s rest.

A couple of deep refreshing breaths while correcting your posture will help for better blood circulation while you wake up refreshed and energised.

Take small conscious steps to make sure you don’t fall sick, mental health plays an important role in our physical well-being so try and keep stress levels low and train your mind to have a positive and happy outlook on everyday life.