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What is Salik

“Salik”, means open or clear in Arabic. It is Dubai’s electronic toll system offered by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Salik's aim is to achieve a free flow traffic operation with no toll booths, no toll collectors, and no impact to traffic flow.

How much does crossing a Salik gate cost?

Each time your vehicle passes through a Salik tolling point, a toll of Dh4 will be deducted from your prepaid toll account using advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. See how it works.

Is there a cap?

No. For the first six years since the introduction of Salik, a vehicle was charged for a maximum of six trips (Dhs24) per day and any trips beyond six were free for that particular day, however the RTA removed the cap in 2013.

Location of toll gates

There are seven tolling gates:

■ Al Barsha

■ Al Garhoud

■ Al Maktoum

■ Al Mamzar

■ Al Safa

■ Airport Tunnel

■ Energy Metro Station, Jebel Ali

What is the Salik tag?

Salik tag is a sticker tag that operates with no battery or moving parts, and it should last the life of your windshield. It works in all weather conditions and speeds, and provides accurate identification of your vehicle to the system. You could buy a tag online or at petrol stations in Dubai using your Salik account.

What is a Salik account?

Salik account is a single user account registered by the RTA for all the Salik tags on vehicles owned and registered in your name. So, if you want multiple cars registered in Dubai, you can only have one Salik account. If you have another car registered in a different emirate, you could then be assigned a separate Salik account since it is a separate traffic file.

How to register

1. Fill out the application form at any of RTA Salik outlets (Petrol Stations and selected branches of Dubai Islamic Bank and Emirate Bank). Or apply online.

2. Hand over the form, the required documents and fees. After verifying the information, you receive your Salik kit which contains the tag.

3. Salik tag must be affixed to your windshield to operate properly and cannot be removed from your vehicle windshield without damaging the tag.

4. When your information is registered in the system, you receive an SMS with your account number and PIN which you can use to access your account.

5. If you already have a Salik account, you can use salik.ae to get your tag online.

Documents required

• A copy of the car registration card

• A copy of the trade license (for companies)

• Identification documents


If you're buying it from a store, it will cost you Dh100 for issuing the tag (including Dh50 prepaid credit added to the tag).

If you’re buying the tag online, the total amount payable is Dh120. This amount includes the cost of the tag at Dh50, prepaid toll balance at Dh50 and Dh20 for the cost of delivery. Check in advance if your area is covered by the delivery team of Salik.

Salik credit

The tag can be topped up through the same outlets after quoting the account number, or by logging into the Salik website. Regular SMS messages are sent to subscribers when their card needs to be topped up.

Penalties and fines you could get

1. Crossing the toll gate without having the tag fixed

If you drive through a Salik toll gate without a tag on your vehicle, buy a tag within 10 working days to open a Salik account if you don’t have one or add a new tag to your existing Salik account. If you don’t do this, you will get fines. After the 10-day grace period, expect to be fined Dh100 for the first day you drive through Salik toll gates, Dh200 for the second day and Dh400 for each subsequent day after the second day.

2. Lack of sufficient credit on the card

If your Salik balance is insufficient to cover toll charges, you will have five working days to recharge your account and get the pending payments deducted. However, if you don’t recharge within said five days, you will get a Dh50 fine for each day you pass through any Salik gates.

Multiple cars on one Salik account

You can add multiple cars on your existing Salik account. However, you cannot have multiple Salik accounts for each of your own vehicles as you will only be assigned a single traffic file number by the RTA. You can check account balance online using the Salik website or app, or by phone on their toll free self-service.

Can I add vehicles (tags) to my account?

Yes. When you fill up the application, just indicate that you have an existing account and let the RTA know the number and it will add the tag to your account.

Transferring Salik balance

A person can hold multiple salik accounts under his/her name and funds could be transferred from one account to another in case of a single owner. Salik credit could be topped up through phone banking services, through Salik recharge cards and through Salik app as well as SMS.

Salik balance if you leave the country

You cannot get your Salik account balance refunded or transferred. The balance will be kept in the card/account for five years in case of non-use, after which it will be forfeited by the RTA. In this case RTA will send monthly SMS reminders, along with a final SMS two weeks before forfeiture after five years of inactivity.

Source: The official portal of Dubai Government