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Dubai: Police in Dubai are more than just carrying out arrests and issuing traffic fines.

In the latest video posted on October 28 by Dubai Police’s Facebook page, a team of police visited a four-year-old Emirati girl at her home to show her how ‘normal’ they are.

But why, you may ask?

In the video, Naji Saleh Naji said his niece Hanan was terrified of police and would wake up in the middle of the night in tears.

Hanan’s fear was further aggravated by her brother’s constant taunts, who joked that police would arrest her in the middle of the night, separate her from her family, and put her in jail.

Naji then contacted Dubai Police on Twitter to seek help, and last week, Gulf News reported how the Emirati family was in disbelief when a police supercar stopped in front of their doorstep to drop off gifts.

Dubai Police quickly responded to the family’s appeal for help, and drove to the girl’s house with gifts.

According to Dubai Police, “Hanan was very frightened when she saw the police at the house, thinking that they had come to arrest her. But after talking with the officers, being given a tour of the supercar and was handed with gifts, Hanan felt more reassured.”