Image Credit: GNTV

Dubai: Filipina singer Aiza Suguerra has lashed out at ‘Emgoldex clients’ using her name to entice others to join the online gold scheme.

Seguerra said ‘Emgoldex clients’ were falsely advertising and branding her as an endorser of the online store. In her Instagram account, she said: “FYI [For your information] I am not a client of Emgoldex and I am not endorsing it.”

“Do not use me to get people to join your group because I am not endorsing your group. Do not use false advertising to entice people to join you. I am warning you, do not use my name.”

Seguerra was in Dubai on June 5 for a concert. According to her, some sponsors of the concert were clients of Emgoldex who gave her a shirt bearing Emgoldex’s name for Aiza. She obliged when they asked her to pose for a picture. Suguerra said that picture was used to mislead people.