Dubai: The Ministry of Community Development has signed an agreement with Union Coop to support a hydroponic agriculture project for developing the skills of people of determination in project management.

Organisers said the project will also help achieve their independence, boosting their self-esteem and incorporating them in the society.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Ayesha Al Darbi, manager of Dubai Rehabilitation Centre for People of Determination at the ministry, and Suhail Al Bastaki, director of the Happiness and Marketing Department, on behalf of CEO of Union Coop.

Al Darbi said that the project will help train and employ people of determination who are above 18 years of age, catering to 35 of people of determination who are capable and qualified for training and employment. The project’s initial stage will include two greenhouses based in the centre at the ministry.

Organisers said the project is also a unique opportunity for people of determination, above the age of 18, who graduated from care and rehabilitation centres, allowing them to receive training and employment in the project, in addition to training them in how products are displayed and marketed at Union Coop.

Al Darbi said: “We thank Union Coop for its initiative that bolsters its role as a partner in community development and its commitment to raising the level of rehabilitation and employment of people with determination, which shows the level of awareness among various establishments about their role in social responsibility.

Al Bastaki said: “Union Coop has presented financial support for the ministry to build two greenhouses as part of the project, in addition to purchasing all the crops of the project and selling them via Union Coop’s retail outlets for three years. This shows Union Coop’s commitment to the success of the project and providing its logistic and marketing requirements. It also expresses its commitment to boosting social responsibility by supporting the programmes and projects of governmental, semi-governmental, and public benefit establishments in Dubai as well as local human and social care programmes.”

The project contributes to supporting the national policy to empower people of determination in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment policy.