Abu Dhabi: Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, yesterday (Tuesday) received a US Evangelical Christian delegation, which is currently visiting the UAE to learn about the UAE’s experience in values of tolerance.

During the meeting, Shaikh Nahyan pointed out that the UAE is keen on adopting tolerance on the local level between its citizens and the UAE’s residents who are of different nationalities and ethnicities, as well as on a global level between nations and relevant international organisations.

Shaikh Nahyan said that the UAE has legislations that ensure the highest standards of equality and mutual acceptance, and also criminalise intolerance. He said that this stems from the UAE leadership’s belief on the importance of tolerance as a way of life that supports peace and social security on a local level.

Shaikh Nahyan pointed out that the UAE’s approach for the present and future is to consolidate principles of tolerance on a local, regional and international level, particularly because it is a constant in the UAE’s policy as it establishes relations with all civilisations, cultures and religions.

The Minister of Tolerance reaffirmed the distinguished relations between the UAE and the US, which both nations are trying to bolster even further for the benefit of both countries and their peoples.

The US delegation hailed the development and progress achieved by the UAE in various fields, praising its wise policies to disseminate principles and values of tolerance, moderation and acceptance.